Niraj Gemawat

Chairman and Group CEO
Our Secret Potion
"We Learnt to Dream the Same Dream"

Niraj is the Chairman and Group CEO. Niraj as the Founder spells out the vision and strategic direction for Gateway Group and its portfolio ventures and brands. He successfully endorses Gateway Group as one of the best choices within the target markets. He is responsible for consolidated growth in markets across the globe.

He is at the helm of several initiatives in technology, applications, processes, customer deliveries and business development. Niraj is responsible for financial growth of the company. In addition to driving revenue and profitability, a key part of his focus is to ensure that the appropriate structure is in place to deliver continued high levels of client and stakeholders’ satisfaction. Managing the consistent growth of the group over the years while retaining 100% financial stability and continuous sustenance of the company by having the best of the teams to work for the company to retain its cutting edge technological competence in the global markets has been his core competence.

People management, financial planning and process orientation at operational levels have been his forte. We have built a philosophy of growth around the key drivers of Client Intimacy, Sustainable Relationship which delivers the highest value, Operational Excellence and Delivery of end to end business solutions for our customers. It means that we are able to operate a Global Delivery Philosophy - offering our clients a choice where their services will be delivered from, doing the right things for the client within a fine set of business frameworks and values making sure our success as a business is measured by our clients' success in their business.

Niraj is an Engineer with a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from one of the top 10 Management Institutes in India.