Vipin Moharir

Partner, Director - Gateway Group, CEO NINtec
Our Culture
"Breed Entrepreneurs and Share Success"

Founder & CEO, NINtec B.V. (The Netherlands)
Co-founder & Partner, Gateway Group of Companies (India)
Advisory Board of The Netherlands India Chamber of Commerce & Trade (NICCT)

Vipin is an 'Innovation Agent' with over twenty years of managerial & consulting experience. He appears frequently in the media and regularly speaks at events.

He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Sciences Engineering from Pune University, India & a Master in Business Administration from Maastricht, The Netherlands. Vipin worked in the USA & UK with Multinationals before deciding to undertake his own entrepreneurial adventure.

Vipin is a founding member & director of the Gateway NINtec Group Of Companies. The Group offers IT & Media/BPO solutions and services to customers worldwide through its offices in 17 countries, with India as one of their production facilities. The Group demonstrates a unique debt-free, organic growth strategy in the past decade. The Group has gone public this year and is poised to engage in major M&A activities to expand their global footprint.

Vipin is a dedicated and active member of the Advisory Board of The Netherlands India Chamber of Commerce and Trade (NICCT).

With the unique blend of Indian background combined with Dutch/International exposure, he has evolved into a serial entrepreneur at 'heart and soul'. Vipin believes fervently that “There is no substitute for hard work”.