5 things you will relate from TVF cubicles

if you are a Software Developer

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When month-end money crisis hits you hard.
Find your Genie here @ Gateway.

Haar salaried aadmi saal mein ek baar govt ko gaali kyun deta hai iski clarity
Papa kyun 23 saal se same razor use kar rahe the Isski clarity

Reaching office late and hearing it from the boss.
“Flexible timing” ain’t a myth @ Gateway.

Piyush. I Iike mysteries.
So, Why don’t we keep the secret of your late arrival a mystery and focus on work !

There’s always this one tech-guy who’s Sassy.
Burns, burns & more burns !
Enjoy friendly environment @ Gateway.

What’s the password?
ihopeyoudie 123

Deciding on whether to put forward your point in a Sprint Meeting or Not?
Well, there’s only one way to know.
At Gateway Opinions Matter

‘It’s definitely not
dangerous if you don’t do it.!

When you can’t take it and finally decide to quit.
Right now it’s the time to
take the PLUNGE


I don’t think I belong here.
Yeah, you don’t
This is ladies washroom

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