Marketing Automation for Brands & Retailers


YEMO automates the marketing workflow through a unified platform for marketers and local offices to collaborate and increase operating efficiency. The platform is aimed for print media, publishers and content publishing and broadcast companies for their multi-channel marketing, point-of-sale and advertising materials to be distributed and published cost effectively. The platform brings in uniformity and quality consious management of digital media assets following brand and design guidelines.

Automates the marketing workflow

Increase efficiency by managing the workflow

Maintain control and overview

Assemble your dashboard and determine the KPI’s

Helps in storage, management, retrieval and repurposing of your marketing content Manage logos, images, creatives and brand templates and share them for personalisation Communicate your brand guidelines and manage your brand consistency and uniformity Create users and groups of users to access modules, assign user rights and access levels and more.

354Global Publications as users

40%European Market Covered

2 MillionAds Depoyed Per Year

3 MillionPages of content deployed per Year

0.5 MillionImages Processed every year

Segments We Serve

Media Agencies/Firms
Broadcasting Companies
Publishing Companies
Print Management Firms
Printing Companies
Online Content Publishing