Business Decisions Empowered with Strategic Insights

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The Netherlands.

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FinFacets provides “Strategic Intelligence” (SI) to Business Owners of mid-sized enterprises with an aim to de-risk their business decisions and maximize business gains.

What is Strategic Intelligence (SI)?
FinFacets provides SI using following 3 solutions:

  • Beyond ERP Reporting- Delivers consolidated and cross-functional view of businesses spread across disparate systems.
  • Predictive Modeling- Measures impact of decisions with the prediction of future probabilities and trends.
  • Competitor Analysis- Helps in devising strategies with deep market understanding.

How Can FinFacets Help De-Risk Business Decisions?
To de-risk business decisions and chart an exponential growth path, Business Owners need to know the real-time status of all aspects of their own organization, how the business decision could impact their business, and how their competitors are reacting to the business situation.

With FinFacets, Business Owners get

  • Cross- system, “Beyond ERP” Reporting across their organization, including legacy systems
  • Consolidated “at-a-glance view” of status of all aspects of their business
  • Predictive Modeling to measure impact of their decisions in various business scenarios
  • Competitor Analysis to devise their strategies with deep market understanding

Strategic Intelligence is updated in real-time in a dedicated Financial Portal and available to Business Owners at fingertips, accessible on any device.

We equip Business Owners in 16 countries across the globe with tactical insights that enable them to confidently tread the path of exponential growth and ensure that their expensive business decisions remain profitable.