Wednesday, August 29, 2018 / Press Release

Gateway Group unveils the Digital Logistics Xperience as DILX

Wednesday, August 29, 2018, Zoetermeer, The Netherlands: Gateway Group, a European major in business transformation since 1997 providing information technology services, solutions and product engineering has re-launched its brand TransLogTec as :

DILX - Digital | Logistics | Xperience ; with Xperience² as the digital core of innovations.

The catalyst to this transformation is the integration of tech innovations in logistics and supply chains services to provide a seamless end-to-end visibility in multimodal networks, which enables key business decision-making in real-time possible, based on insights and analytics.

As industry is rapidly evolving, new technologies like AI, Machine Learning, Blockchain and IoT are having a disruptive impact on the logistics industry. With 350+ success stories, now we are set to bring the radical innovation in the existing Translogtec’s set of solutions, which will empower forward thinking operations to define new performance edge in the market

“Today marks a significant milestone in the evolution from TransLogTec to DiLX whereby our focus and capabilities have evolved together with the industry. DiLX has become fully embedded as the end-to-end partner within the core of our customers innovation strategy. Through our long-term partnerships with our clients and product eco-systems, we now provide a constant value by guiding our clients in their constantly evolving journey, paving the road to innovations together, in line with co-creation and symbiotic partnership.” - Kristian D. Kossen, CCO-DiLX

Data explosion, Digital disruption, and Proactive customer experience - these are the new growth drivers of today’s businesses. The future belongs to organizations with Intelligent Operations con-centered customer experience that enables them to have a 360-degree view of their operations, a dashboard of actionable intelligent information, enabling quicker, insight-led decision making.

About Gateway Group
Gateway Group is Netherland based software development services and solutions company, serving Europe since (1997). With 350+ success stories and brands including Autofacets, Digifacets, DILX and Gateway Digital, it serves 30 countries through its on-ground presence in 17 countries.Over the last two decades of business excellence, Gateway Group has carved out a niche in Automotive, Transportation & Logistics, Cyber Security, Martech, Fintech, and Multimedia solutions.

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² Xperience = Customer Experience: It refers to the overall engagement experience across all stakeholders of an enterprise including end-clients, suppliers, partners, and employees. In virtually all industries, the customer experience has become increasingly important.

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