Sanjeev Thakkar

Chief Marketing & Communication Officer

As Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Sanjeev is responsible for overseeing the planning, development and execution of Gateway Group's marketing communications and advertising initiatives. Reporting directly to the CEO, his primary responsibility is to generate brand traction and business prospect by increasing awareness and engagement through successful marketing strategies, using market research, product roadmap, marketing communications, advertising and public relations.

He also aids new business development, with prospect connect program and initiatives. He ensures the organization's message is distributed across channels to reach targeted audiences for business impacts. At Gateway he is leading creative, digital and brand services teams to deliver ‘customer connect’ on traditional and new age media.

He has close to two decades of experience in brand management at advertising agencies in India and Africa. His exclusive engagement with IT engineering and services, since many years now, puts him at an advantage of leading the organization with a creative and customer centric initiatives. He remains a ‘learner’ at heart, after his BFA in Art History and Aesthetics majors.