Exact Vehicle Identification Platform



An European product company catering to the Auto parts ecosystem in automotive industry. The product is a data intelligence driven innovative platform for identifying exact vehicular information with utmost precision using advanced and intuitive search algorithms. It is a vehicular data intelligence SaaS based platform that helps in identifying exact vehicle information in improvising cataloguing system of part suppliers and supplier ecosystem.


License plate to Accurate Passenger Car Identification

VIN to KBA number (HSN/TSN)

VIN to VAG PR numbers

VIN to Equipment code

VIN to Transmission, Body Type, Engine Code, Rim & Tire, Emission standard

VIN to OE Number Lookup by OE categories/non OE Assembly groups

Fully documented JSON enabled web API with RAML Documentation

API request and response customizable as per requirement

Cloud enabled micro service platform with servers located in Sweden

80%Reduction in auto parts return

90%Accuracy in identifying parts

95%Precision in vehicle identification