ABOUT Alf Lande

Alf Lande has the expertise within business model innovation and the convergence of media. He has worked as an executive in several media companies (film, radio and print) from 1988 to 1996, after 4 years in the public sector and also was a professor in Denmark. As a strategy consultant since 2000 (CEO of LAC AS), he has had more than 50 clients across the Nordics, focusing on the transformation of analog to digital media. He has both worked with leading analytical agencies and business associations.

For the past three years Alf Lande has increasingly focused on digital agencies in Norway and Sweden and has been hired as a CEO in Pingbull as part of the company’s transformation to become the digital care of RedInk, one of the leading communication agencies in Norway. He has been working as a chairman and leading the transformation of Sticky Beat from being a classical digital agency to an innovational and transformational partner to its clients. The urgent need to create and develop players that deeply understand digital transformation is now an imperative strategic focus area for most businesses Рthe main motivation for Alf Lande to join Gateway Digital AS as a CEO.