ABOUT Steve Covers

Stephen Covers, is the CEO of Gateway Digital, UK and Ireland. Steve, as he likes to be called, has extensive experience in Sales, Marketing, Operations & Finance and he has enjoyed a successful business career spanning more than 25 years in the Global ICT Industry.

His passion is to create significant business advantage for his clients using innovative services and solutions for his clients.

Steve believes, that in order for a company to deliver optimised, competitive and strategic solutions to its customers, it’s people should strive hard to gain in-depth knowledge of their client’s business and its needs, before asking for one.

Steve has led several profitable and high growth business outsourcing divisions for over 10 years of his career, and while this has been his primary focus, he has personally led many successful global business programmes across many different verticals; including securing and delivering several ICT outsourcing projects and contracts, each in excess of $150m value or more.

Steve has a degree in Physical Science (Hons) from Coventry University, London. In 1982, soon after his graduation, Steve started his career as a Software Graduate Engineer for a Digital Equipment Company. Thereon, Steve has supported a series of senior roles in sales, commercial, and operational in companies like Sprint, Equant, Verizon Business and Getronics.

Steve and his wife Mandy live with their three children to the West of London, where they enjoy walking and watching their children participate in various sporting activities.