SLUSH 2019

Slush is a unique event that started in Helsinki to promote tech startups, and today it has spread across many startups, corporates, tech partners and investors. There were corporates such as Kone, Stora Enso, SAAB, Scania, Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Slack, Nordea, Samsung, Porsche, Stripe, Fortum, Airbus, Salesforce, Voi, Zendesk and so on.

Gateway Digital participated in Slush 2019 and attended over 50+ meetings. Pratik Mehta, CEO- Gateway Digital Europe and Mikael Fagerholm, CEO- Finland and Sweden had visited the dinner hosted by Indian Embassy for Finland and Estonia. Also, our existing customer Sanoma had created a complimentary 360-degree video of Prashant Shah, VP- Finland.