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The Gateway Accelerated Technology Immersion (GATI) Programme

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The DNA of Gateway is to deliver measurable and tangible business value to its clients. We are aware that with the changing trends and markets the most energetic, enthusiastic and adaptable ones are the ‘GenZ’ of the industry. Thus, every year, Gateway scouts for fresh and promising talent from various institutions to ensure and further enhance its ongoing excellence in delivery. We are thus, expecting to have many of you on-board with us very soon this year as well.

One of the key highlights of our strong value systems is that we create boundless opportunities for our talent to carve out a career for themselves. It is with our intensive and customized learning paths we define the career journey for all our colleagues and in the process create leaders of tomorrow. Our GATI Programme acts as an apt initiation for this joyous journey.

Rushikesh Rajendra Chief Human Resources Officer &
Sr VP - Strategic Initiatives


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The GATI Programme ensure this smooth transition in the following manner:

Gateway Internal Fast Track


This is an unique initiative to encourage our high performing technical team members who are proficient, to perform and push themselves to achieve greater personal growth and demonstrate the capabilities of a higher role than what they are presently discharging. In this manner, a Super Achiever is able to ascend the career ladder rapidly by jumping intermittent stages.

As a part of this process, a standard, transparent and quantifiable appraisal system based on the well-defined KRAs is laid uniformly for all the levels. Every aspiring applicant goes through an elaborate process of assessments and evaluations including an audience with a panel of technical experts.

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What we enjoy the most throughout the GATI Programme is the infectious effervescence in the bundles of energies, boundless fervor, countless smiles and an immensely reassuring feeling of a great future that rests ahead for our beloved nation. Here are some glimpses of our campus hiring drives.

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We make the entire GATI programme a mix of fun and professionalism. While we show the young and creative minds the future that lays ahead of them, we make sure the process is enriching and worth remembering. Please check out a few memorable highlights